Don’t Let Your Publishing Technology Stack Ruin Your Business

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You and your most reliable publishing platform have shared numerous experiences this year. The bond is strong; however, to prepare you for rainy days, it’s time to explore a new avenue to revive some of the missed glory days. Your first custom website doesn’t mean it will work for you in the future—even if it was essential to becoming the successful publisher you are today.

Like any lasting relationship, ending a term can be difficult, but don’t let sentimentality get in the way of your goals. To continue growing, one must be open to change.

There are times when facing reality is essential. Deep down, you’re aware of this truth. But there’s comfort in trudging through the well-known hallways of your outdated legacy of handling your Content Management System (CMS), clinging to the hope that a fix, a button, or maybe a miracle will save you from the expanding troubles.

We understand that most people have a tense relationship with technology, even those in the field of digital publishing. Surprisingly, technology is the second biggest source of fear for Americans, according to a Chapman University study. Indeed, people find digital disruption to be scarier than death (and slightly less scary than an earthquake). We are all attached to it.

However, in order to succeed as a modern media operator, you must face these anxieties and reevaluate your most important relationship. If you’re experiencing these indications, then the technology stack you’re using is beginning to get in its own way:

  1. When your website administration procedures and tasks are becoming more and more burdensome for your editorial staff,
  2. When you’re spending a lot of money to accomplish what seem like easy tasks,
  3. When you would like to use AI to your full potential, but you’ve been told that’s not possible because of the structure of your site,
  4. When you have to spend a large percentage of your tech budget just to keep your website functioning,
  5. When your revenue has reached a standstill while your audience keeps growing,
  6. When your website’s performance is progressively getting worse.
  7. When marketers are looking for audience insights and data, which you are finding difficult to provide,
  8. When you are dealing with issues like depleting your advertising inventory or possibly missing out on opportunities to make money.

We understand that since your website’s launch, your business model has experienced significant modifications. If any of these situations apply to you, it’s time to give a complete technology makeover, and replatforming is the quickest way for publishers who have outgrown their current website to make significant and long-lasting changes. And with the right agency, it can potentially produce noticeable results almost immediately.

Reasons why many digital publishers hesitate to embrace innovation often revolve around one (or more) of these nightmares because (1) Growing expenses; (2) Projects that never appear to finish; and (3) The selection of the wrong agency.

As a digital publisher, we understand that you’re in a long-term relationship with technology. But are you getting all the knowledge you need to succeed from your current website? Or perhaps you’re unwilling to change because it’s comfortable and familiar?

Recall that no achievements have ever been made while one is comfortable. But being innovative doesn’t have to be tiresome or, worse, stressful. If you and your publishing platform are already having a hard time together, let there be the right agency partner who has adopted an anti-complexity mindset to set your platform and help you embark on a journey towards sustained success.

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