Baslay Coffee: Brewing a Better Life for Kaingeros

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“Kaingin” is a traditional yet destructive agricultural method that has unfortunately been a way of life for many Filipinos residing in mountainous regions of the Philippines. It is one of the biggest causes of deforestation and detrimental to natural resources such as geothermal steam from beneath the earth’s surface.

Energy Development Corporation (EDC) being the country’s top geothermal and renewable energy producer developed the Baslay Coffee Program in one of its geothermal powerplant sites in Dauin, Negros Oriental to capacitate local kaingeros and provide them more sustainable livelihood opportunities, as well as protect the natural environment in the area.

Through a grassroots information and education communications campaign on environmental conservation as well as technical, livelihood and social development on coffee farming, the program has successfully engaged 123 residents who are former kaingero farmers as members of the Baslay Farmers Association, transforming them into eco-guardians and thereby saving 220 hectares of forest land from destruction.

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