Hugot Lines for Fandom Building and Reputation Management

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Hugot Lines for Fandom Building and Reputation Management is a campaign that PAGEONE developed and implemented in 2016 to 2017. The campaign has been recognized by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines for yielding impactful results for, helping the group grow its online and social media presence through the use of engaging content. The campaign has won a gold Anvil Award at the 52nd Anvil Awards under the category of Public Relations Tools.

PAGEONE leveraged on the high penetration and usage of social media and internet in the Philippines – with over 48 million active social media users during the launch and implementation of the campaign – as well as the reception of Filipino online users for online content that revolves around ‘Hugot Lines’ to achieve high engagement and grow its social media channels.

To effectively roll out the campaign, PAGEONE developed fictional characters that are relatable, easily identifiable, youth-friendly and fit the concept of ‘hugot lines’ known as avatars. These avatars have become a tool for PAGEONE to establish a deep relationship with its audience due to its parental, peer-like and familial tone. These avatars include Mamu, Papsi, Brand and Kupido.

These avatars helped PAGEONE surpass the goals it had set for the campaign to achieve. PAGEONE’s target of reahing 250,000 young adults to become regular readers of the group’s flagship website has been surpassed by more than 400% with the website’s Facebook channel and the pages of the avatars reached close to 1 million fans and likers who regularly consume its content and stories. On top of this achievement, was able to generate a whopping 15 million engagements and 16 million pageviews in a span of one year.

The campaign, ‘Hugot Lines for Fandom Building and Reputation Management’provided an excellent image of the company’s PR development contents, and has highly gained positive reputation for PAGEONE.

Awards Won:

• Gold Anvil Award – 52nd Anvil Awards – Public Relations Tool – Multimedia/Digital

Years Won:


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